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About Me

Deborah Tulay

Spiritual Purpose Strategist

My Guiding Principles

Faith, Love, Peace, Encouragement, Support


I am a Romans 8:28 Girl. I believe that all things works together for good to those that love God and that are called according to his purpose. I am also an author, cancer thriver, domestic violence survivor, minister, inspirational speaker, and purpose strategist. God has given to me a mandate to live life on purpose and to encourage others to do so as well.  


In 2012, I emerged from a breast cancer journey with a new life perspective, a mantra, and an assignment.   As a Spiritual Purpose Strategist my mantra is to “Live Life On Purpose” and my assignment is to embolden others to do the same. In life, I have faced moments of fear and discouragement, but I learned strategies to press through. I have also learned that I have the authority to give everything that shows up in my life a job description. And because IT showed up, now IT has to work for my good! My life has been no fairytale,  my misery  became my ministry and my pain transformed into my purpose.


My purpose journey has become my prescription for success and my antidote for years of despair.  I was able to discover my true self, my passion to serve women, and my voice.   It has helped me to get out of my own way.


As a Spiritual Purpose Strategist, I help women to peel back the layers exposing her to laser focus clarity.  This produces an authentic purpose journey in alignment with her DNA.


I am grateful to God for my personal journey and the opportunity to serve other women in their quest for purpose. I believe that our gift from God is our assignment or our purpose. Our gift back to Him is having the courage to fulfill it!

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